Running Towards the Tomb

What is the most miserable disaster that will come upon men? All mankind suffer from a disaster. Everyone wants to be freed from disaster  and everyone wants to be in a situation where we are safe and secured. However, there is no such world. The world of men is full of sorrow and suffering. According to world’s statistics, All mankind suffer from this greatest disaster. Numerous disaster can come upon us like flood, earthquake, tsunami, drought but there is more painful disaster than this. All mankind knows that this disaster will happen someday to one’s life. This is why there is what we call a “a day is a blessing”.

There is a runway of time and no one can avoid the flow of time. This makes it hard for people to do whatever they want before this disaster comes upon them. No one can avoid this kind of disaster because this is already a destiny. Even if we face hardships and natural phenomenon that strikes us, we still feel comfortable for as long as we are breathing. Even though we come to make more efforts to hit our desire to be fulfilled, we still are lacking in so many matters. Why is life full of hardship and sorrow? Why is it important to be in a situation where we feel lonely and battered? Is there no way to be happy every moment in out life? There is no way. What we can do is to give thanks in everything and be contented on what we have so that we can be relieved on the day we face the greatest disaster—DEATH!