Cultural Beliefs About Tombs

There are many things to recall if talking about tombs. According to others beliefs, tombstone are one of the most precious beliefs in that we can know in the time of the old times. The tombs in ancient times are just anywhere under the ground. Also, there is a ¬†culture in the Northern Luzon in the Philippines that hanging people in ¬†coffin is a blessing. Under the caves, they put the dead’s coffin in order to make the dead feel comfortable. It is an ancient belief that even if a person die, they still exist in the spirit on this earth and they guard their families and relatives. They also believe that dead people can rise this so they make holes in the coffin thinking that dead people can be able to come out once they live again.

The coffins should be taken care of by the family because if they are not taken care of, the dead will get mad and they afflict their family. If the family does not want their relatives, they would place the coffin in a very confined place and the dead is placed in a cruel manner. Tombs in Egypt and Taj Mahal are one of the wonders of the world and they are now being visited by numerous people around the world. It is not surprising if some nations make tombs as a tourist destination. Some tombstone are dug up so they believe that a dead rose up from its grave. What is important is that there is no such thing that has ever happened in the history of the dead.